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Power of Online Reviews

Businesses like healthcare providers are harnessing the connective power of the Web, and that means your competitors are fighting for the same slice of internet limelight as you. Above all else, your practice needs to be visible in online searches. But when your website is right next to a competitor’s in the search results, what makes a patient pick your practice over theirs? More often than not, it will be your online reviews.

Every potential customers has free access to the online reviews posted by your existing customers on sites like Yelp, Google Maps, and even specific sites like Healthgrades. These sites are more important than ever – not just because your online reputation is accessible to all potential customers, but because search engines also take your reviews into account. The more positive your reviews are, the higher you’ll rank. In order to be sure your business is visible and giving off the best impression you can muster, a reputation monitoring campaign is the way to go.

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Take Control of Your Online Presence

Our Reputation Tracker makes it easy to take control of your online presence with an easy, one-stop service that will help you keep a close eye on your online appearance. Our platform tracks your visibility scores; online reviews; unstructured mentions; and much more. With Reputation Tracker, you’ll know exactly how you stand with the customer in your community, and learn where to focus your efforts for improvement.

Our Reputation Tracking strategy will help you:

  • Gather every online business listing for your practice
  • Monitor online reviews from top sites including Google, Yelp, and Yahoo
  • Track Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Foursquare check-ins
  • Receive executive reports showing how your business is faring online
  • Scout where your business is mentioned on websites and blogs across the web
  • Measure how your practice stacks up against competitors
  • Consolidate your reviews into the Reputation Tracker Dashboard
  • Review email alerts when a new review has been posted online

Knowing where you stand is half the battle. When you know what your customers have to say, you’ll know how you can make your business better.

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