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Web for Healthcare Providers

Internet has become an essential tool for healthcare providers. There is healthcare content all over the internet and consumers or patients are concerned about which content to trust. Therefore, physician websites are becoming common places for trusted content.

Moreover, research indicates that most of the consumers and patients search for physicians online today. Therefore it is very important for every physician or provider to have an online presence. In addition, it is also important to know how a specific physician or provider is perceived online, it may be social media, health sites or physician review sites.

Doctor with patient providing consultation.

Doctor with patient providing consultation.

Doctor educating the patient.

IT Solutions for Provider Practices

We at Bilva, provide solutions to various healthcare organizations including physician practices, clinics, urgent cares to not only ensure that they have an online presence, but also they have the best experience leading to a successful business or practice.

Our team prides in creating best medical websites that are elegant, useful and effective in attracting the patients. All our medical websites are unique and custom to the needs of the individual practices or healthcare organizations.

Our medical website solutions

  • Branding your business or practice
  • Enabling to be found on the internet
  • Digital marketing
  • HIPAA compliant email accounts
  • Online patient forms
  • Online bill pay
  • Patient education
  • Custom content

Promote Your Practice Online

A custom website is designed to brand your business or practice, optimized to ensure it is found in the internet and ranked well by the search engines. Bilva also provides additional services to promote your practice in the way that is consistent with your business goals.

Bilva also provides tools and platforms that enable your practice to be smarter and nimble with the changing times.

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