About Us

Bilva design team is made of highly energetic and skilled people that are results oriented. The team consists of consultants, project coordinators, IT architects, designers, artists, programmers, compliance specialists and testers all helping develop and maintain robust applications for our clients. The team brings great synergy leading to the ideas that help shape best client experience.

The Bilva’s web hosting environment is based on a robust infrastructure that provides number of powerful features for building scalable, failure resilient, enterprise scale applications.

The infrastructure ensures the following for our client’s hosting and/or applications .

  • Multiple locations: The client systems can be located as if they are serving closest to their client’s location. They can be placed in multiple locations for speed and performance of the client’s web applications.
  • Auto scaling: The web applications can be auto scaled up or down to ensure consumers’ demand of client’s applications can be met accordingly. In other words, if there is spike in demand, our infrastructure ensures more resources are available to meet the demand spikes to maintain performance and when demand lulls the extra resources are minimized to minimize the costs.
  • Load balancing: This ensures automatic distribution of incoming application traffic across multiple servers. It enables us to achieve greater fault tolerance in your applications, seamlessly providing the amount of load balancing capacity needed in response to incoming application traffic. It also helps detect unhealthy servers and automatically reroutes traffic to healthy servers until the unhealthy servers have been restored.
  • Compliance: Based on the needs of the client’s applications and the industry they belong, our infrastructure can be made compliant based on the industry regulations. For example, we provide HIPAA compliant base infrastructure for our Healthcare clients. For financial industry client we enable DSS PCI compliant infrastructure.

Please contact our architecture team with your specific requirements.